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Imagine Math

Grade 3 to 8, Algebra 1, and Geometry

  • Personalized learning driven by the Quantile Framework
  • Supports and scaffolds for English language learners
  • On-demand tutoring by certified math teachers
  • Productive struggle with Proactive Intervention
  • Motivation system that develops confident thinkers
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Personalized learning

Imagine Math is a rigorous, standards-aligned math program that personalizes learning for each student. Students are immersed in a language-rich curriculum that uses data to scaffold concepts for each learner, ultimately​ leading to deep understanding and college- and career-readiness. Because the system is adaptive, students learn in their zone of proximal development with the right degree of challenge. Imagine Math was intentionally created to ​support the Universal Design for Learning with instruction that is supported by meaningful practice.Learn more about the anatomy of an​ Imagine Math lesson.​​Take a look at our pathways and standards alignment guides.

Proactive Intervention

Imagine Math monitors students’ progress throughout each problem. Students are sometimes hesitant to seek help, even in situations where productive struggle might be turning into frustration. Imagine Math’s Proactive Intervention system prompts struggling students with a reminder that there’s a live teacher ready to help—ensuring students feel supported and confident in their learning.

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Imagine Math supports all learners including English learners (ELs) by providing supports and scaffolds that encourage success in math learning. Research has proven Imagine Math is effective for helping ELs across the nation improve in math proficiency. Some of the supports incorporated into Imagine Math include:

  • Rigorous tasks including journaling opportunities and application tasks
  • Productive struggle supported by math helps, online teachers, and proactive intervention
  • Multiple representations such as models, symbols, and diagrams
  • Academic language supported through journaling, application tasks, and online teachers trained in facilitating mathematical discourse.
  • Academic language supported through journaling, application tasks, and online teachers trained in facilitating mathematical discourse.

Imagine Math 3–8 provides high school support with integrated pathways that align with the college and career readiness standards for the following coursework:

Algebra I
High School Math I
High School Math II
College Test Prep

Imagine Math 3–8 supports the advancement of STEM and 21st Century Skills.

The program incorporates the Four C’s: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Application tasks provide hands-on STEM and learning activities aligned to the College and Career Readiness Standards and Common Core State Standards for mathematics.

Activities within Imagine Math 3–8 connect across various subjects such as science, engineering, and art.

Activities enable students to interact and collaborate with their peers, apply critical thinking, communicate effectively, and solve problems.

Imagine Learning motivates students to learn both during and after school with its unique motivation system—a powerful blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. Imagine Learning motivation is comprised of key concepts encouraging choice, collaboration, and community among students.

Theme-based contests. Students are presented with a series of fun, short-term contests that target a wide range of relevant and engaging themes.

Imagine Nation Awards. Each year, Imagine Learning recognizes outstanding partner schools who embody the spirit of innovation and demonstrate outstanding use of Imagine Learning programs in their school or district.

Donations to charity. Students that use Imagine Math 3–8 work individually and collaboratively to earn points for special events or select charities, to donate their points to such as Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Classroom goals. The Classroom Goal option encourages student collaboration to work towards a common goal, empowering students.

Imagine Math 3–8 is driven by intentional assessments to aid educators in their classroom instruction, connecting assessment and instruction for all students. The system of benchmark, interim and formative assessments personalize content that challenges students in their zone of proximal development.

Benchmark assessments
The benchmark assessments—with the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics—provide assessments that teachers can utilize.
These assessments:

Provide flexible grouping decisions for instruction
Shows growth measurement over time, individually and in groups
Provide rich data to inform instruction
Monitor student progress over the school year
Are fully customizable to a school’s need

Formative assessments
Imagine Math 3–8 quizzes before and after assigned lessons:

Measure student understanding and performance of a concept
Enable scaffolded lessons to be inserted into a student’s pathway
Are viewable in real-time for teachers to inform instruction as needed

Quantile Framework

The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics is a universal scale for both assessment and ​instruction that is widely accepted for interpreting student performance.

Imagine Math assessments ​are aligned to Quantile measures and provide educators with a reliable measure ​of student readiness to learn specific concepts. It can also be used as a tool to​ tailor instruction. This scale customizes Imagine Math pathways and provides rich data to inform instruction.



Imagine Math 3−8 embedded reporting offers overviews of students’ usage and classroom performance, helping educators identify performance patterns while tracking usage.

Overview Reports
Benchmark Growth Reports
Usage Reports
Student Progress Reports
Standards Reports
Leaderboard for tracking contests

Flexible implementation


Imagine Math 3–8 provides flexible models for implementation.

In-class rotation
Computer lab rotation
Whole-class instruction
Before/after school instruction
Device rotation
Summer school

Resources and tools

Imagine Math 3–8 includes resources to help students and teachers be more effective and efficient.

Teacher resources

Application Tasks deliver opportunities for students to solve multi-step problems connecting math to the real world through science, technology, art, and music. Resources support each task including rubrics and graphic organizers for teachers.

Journaling Prompts within the program encourage students to engage with in-class instruction, increasing understanding and promoting 21st Century Skills training.

Student tools When students can explore why math works, they can build enduring conceptual understanding. Imagine Math 3–8 provides visuals and manipulatives that students can use during the problem-solving experience including bar models, number lines, fraction shapes, fraction pieces and a glossary.

Imagine Math Effectiveness Study Report 2017-2018

Struggling readers who used Imagine Language & Literacy demonstrated more growth on the district’s monitoring instruments than non-users.

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Improved Student Outcomes In STEM Action Center Evaluation

Texas district study shows students from all grades who used Imagine Language & Literacy had a higher average RIT score than non-users

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