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Imagine Español

The missing piece to your biliteracy puzzle

    • Grades: Pre-K to 2
    • Authentic Spanish language and literacy instruction
    • Culturally-relevant learning activities
    • Spanish and English language support
    • Strategic exposure to regional accents
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The Benefit of Biliteracy

Here at Imagine Learning, we understand that biliteracy opens doors of opportunity for students. Imagine Español’s varied activities help students develop in the four domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This means that students have the opportunity to not only become bilingual, but biliterate as well.

Watch this video of our resident biliteracy expert, Stephen Fowler, to learn more.

Authentic, Research-based Pedagogy

Imagine Español is uniquely crafted to address the specific features of the Spanish language (for example, letter-sound instruction, syllable awareness, and transparent orthography). And while many Spanish-language software programs are literal translations of original English versions, Imagine Español features culturally responsive content specifically designed for young children learning to read Spanish.

  • Direct instruction and contextualized practice
  • Highly engaging and motivating content
  • Not an English translation

A Balanced Approach to Literacy

In Imagine Español, young students experience a balanced approach to literacy that includes not only phonics instruction but also comprehension and vocabulary development. Within this approach, students learn the basic building blocks of literacy as they develop critical language skills through exposure to both oral and academic vocabulary. This balanced approach to literacy is applied with correct modeling and sufficient practice.

  • Building blocks for literacy
  • Critical language skills
  • Correct modeling and sufficient practice
Texas Students Outscore Non-Users On STAR Spanish Test

Struggling readers who used Imagine Language & Literacy demonstrated more growth on the district’s monitoring instruments than non-users.

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Imagine Español Compendium Of Research Principles

Texas district study shows students from all grades who used Imagine Language & Literacy had a higher average RIT score than non-users

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A Rich Cultural Experience

Authentic music and art help students connect to strong cultural traditions. While standard Spanish is used for instruction, multiple accents are strategically used to expose students to the nuanced differences in the Spanish-speaking world. By highlighting the cultural and linguistic richness of Spanish-speaking countries, Imagine Español provides a more meaningful educational experience to students.

  • Authentic music and art
  • Culturally relevant themes
  • Exposure to regional accents
  • Key facts about Spanish-speaking countries

Assessments and Reporting

Teachers depend on solid, actionable data to help track student progress and comprehension. In Imagine Español, we have an initial placement assessment that is automatic, adaptive, and provides a single starting point for each student. It’s easy to generate both individual student reports and reports for the entire class, including a standards and skills report that shows proficiency in different skill areas for individual students.

  • Initial placement assessment
  • Individual standards and skills reports
  • Usage data

NEW! Second-Grade Content

Second-grade students can now engage with colorful activities and 90 new books that highlight different Spanish-speaking cultures. Click below to try demos of second-grade content.