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Imagine Reading

Research-based, supplemental reading program that helps students in grades 3 – 8 become:

  • Strong readers
  • Critical thinkers
  • Confident Communicators

Following a blended learning model, Imagine Reading includes teacher-led instruction, online student practice, facilitated classroom discussion, and group projects.

Imagine Learning Language Advantage™

Imagine Reading is designed to accelerate grade-level reading comprehension, academic language development, and discourse. As students read increasingly complex texts, they often need explicit instruction to understand more advanced language and sentence structures. With a discourse-centered instructional design, Imagine Reading provides ample opportunities for students to speak and write about the texts they read.


College and career readiness

Prepare students for college and careers with complex, grade-level texts and rigorous academic discourse across the content areas. Through a wide range of text genres, including both literary and informational texts, students practice close reading skills, increase content-area knowledge, and answer text-dependent questions.

English learners

Help advanced and long-term English learners accelerate their reading comprehension and academic discourse skills to meet grade-level standards. Imagine Reading supports advanced and long-term English learners through explicit instruction in academic language and multimedia scaffolding for independent reading.

Learn how Imagine Language & Literacy helps beginning and intermediate ELs develop the foundational literacy skills and English language proficiency that are a prerequisite for reading complex text.

Striving readers

Give striving readers the tools they need to access rigorous texts. With explicit instruction in comprehension strategies and multimedia scaffolding, Imagine Reading amplifies student confidence for reading challenging texts independently.

Learn how Imagine Language & Literacy teaches foundational literacy skills for striving readers who need additional support.

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Motivation and engagement

Increase student engagement with texts worth talking about. With compelling texts, organized around thought-provoking Focus Questions, Imagine Reading inspires the lively discussions and creative group projects that make learning personal and meaningful.


Resources to enrich instruction

New and experienced teachers alike can enhance their instructional practice with resources to develop students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. With integrated lesson plans and discussion protocols, Imagine Reading builds teacher capacity for academic discourse and project-based learning.

One-stop teacher dashboard

Access lesson plans, discussion questions, and student assignments with a teacher-friendly interface. The easy-to-navigate teacher dashboard walks teachers through Imagine Reading’s instructional flow step by step.

Flexible implementation

Imagine Reading fits flexibly into existing curriculum, with thematic text sets that align to ELA, science, and social studies standards. Imagine Reading uses a blended learning model that includes both student-driven learning and teacher-led instruction.


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Hear from a teacher using Imagine Reading in an English language arts classroom.

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