Ignite engagement with a growth mindset

Imagine Math PreK–2’s content is challenging, fun and keeps students engaged in their zone of proximal development.

The program develops a students’ growth mindset while fostering confidence using tokens awarded after each lesson, songs to teach academic language and complex concepts, as well as animated characters that play along with students, helping them build math confidence.


Meet Ruby, a tenacious five-year-old who wants to be an engineer when she grows up >>>

Imagine Learning Language Advantage™

Language is important to increase the ability to understand abstract math concepts and using words can aid in conceptual understanding. Imagine Math PreK–2 utilizes an age-appropriate model of assessment and instruction which provides unparalleled contextualized instruction in academic language in both English and Spanish. Early introduction of mathematical language helps students grow their communication and reasoning skills and further develop language abilities.  

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Imagine Math PreK–2 is proven to help your students succeed in class and on assessments.

Blueprint assessment correlation analysis

Blueprint usage associated with higher growth on assessments for pre-K through first-grade students

Imagine Math PreK-2

Imagine math lessons that ignite engagement in early learners

Imagine Math PreK–2 was purposely designed to foster early learners’ innate curiosity and interest in mathematics.  Students find themselves in a virtual world much like their real-world, enabling them to connect the mathematics they are learning to their daily lives.


Imagine Math PreK–2 inspires a lifelong love of math within a storybook learning environment with lovable and culturally-relevant characters.   For teachers, Imagine Math PreK-2 provides scaffolded and differentiated instruction with adaptive, diagnostic assessment .   And true to our focus on language development, Imagine Math PreK-2 is personalized with dual language support. 

Early learners

Imagine Math PreK–2 is an online, adaptive, supplemental math program with academically rigorous math concepts reinforced by visual models, memorable songs, and intentional vocabulary.​​​​​​​


Early learners progress through a carefully designed curriculum consisting of more than 2,000 exercises per grade level.  Curriculum topics include: 


  • Counting and cardinality  
  • Number and operations  
  • Geometry and logical reasoning  

  • Algebraic thinking  

  • Word problems focusing on real-world applications 

  • Measurement and data

Pretty amazing, right?

Want to explore Imagine Math PreK–2 a little further?

Dual language–English and Spanish

Imagine Math PreK–2 is available in both English and Spanish and enables English learners to learn in their native language.  We build the foundations for communication and critical thinking as a bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural learner in a dual-language setting.

Flexible implementation

Implementation models are designed to be flexible, enabling teachers to customize the student experience through In-class rotation, Computer lab rotation, Whole-class instruction, Before/after school instruction, Device rotation, and Summer school. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


A game-based diagnostic assessment is embedded to personalize each student’s learning pathway.


Our assessment, powered by the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics in grades K–2, measures student growth, places students in their own individualized pathway, and Contains approachable questions for our early learners. 


Intentionally designed to build student confidence and reinforce their effort, our assessment looks and feels like the other lessons within the program removing anxiety or fear, setting the stage for a personalized learning experience students can enjoy from day one.  ​​​​​​​

Actionable data

Imagine Math PreK–2 reports are designed to give educators the actionable information they need to help students succeed. Educators can easily access reporting and diagnostic data, which is simple to use, including:

Overview Reports

Benchmark Growth Reports  

Usage Reports  

Student Progress Reports  

Standards Reports  

Activity Reports  ​​​​​​​

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Imagine Math PreK–2 is fun and effective

“The students are fully engaged all of the time because it is differentiated.”  

--Chantil McCormick | Teacher | Confidence Elementary